Happy People



– We very much enjoyed Free walking tour with Zaim.

He showed us the most important building and places in medina.

He told us a lot and was willing to answer all our questions.

I would recommend everybody that wants to know little bit more about Marrakech,

not just shopping around.

– The Tour was very interesting! Zaim has a lot of knowledge about Marrakech!

He was very open and adapted his tour according to our wishes. Thanks!
Great tour to get an overview of the city. Can highly recommend it.
Fantastic tour. Zaim gave us a comprehensive talk on Marrakech

and some of the history of Morocco. He also let us know exactly how the tour

would proceed and what to expect.

– Zaim was very friendly and helpful. He showed us around Marrakech

and explained us the difference that the city suffered trough the years.

He offered to help in case we need it for the following days
Zaim was very clear, knowledgeable, and funny. He was respectful

and I would recommend to anyone to try a tour with him.
Great tour. Excellent guide. He was extremely knowledgeable

& we learnt a lot about Marrakesh.

– Globally, we liked the tour. We liked to discuss politics with Zaim

(who had very conservative views, opposite to ours) and got a lot of

insights about the mindset and culture of Moroccan people.

– A wonderful experience and a must do tour.

– I Met up with Zaim at the meeting location, in front of the postoffice.

We went on heading for the souks. Zaim was very professional.

We Walked through every corner worth seeing, with a visit at the organic herb store.

– I would like to recommend this to everyone who are new to the City,

or want a historical view with interest in Marrakesh.

– I really enjoyed this orientation tour. It was nice to have someone to walk

through the Souks with and also to learn a lot about the culture.

We got a lot out of the tour and would recommend it!

– Great tour! Thank you very much Zaim!

– Great tour, really recommend to enjoy spirit of the city

– It was an amazing tour (small group, only 3 people, we were so lucky that day :)),

I loved Zaim calm way and relaxed way of talking especially in this loud and hectic city,

it gives one a calming atmosphere. He is super friendly

and has the most kind smile I’ve seen :)

– Great English level, no problem to communicate.

– The tour was fantastic, Zaim has a wonderful and calming demeanor

that makes you feel very safe and welcome! He helps you get your bearings

with the city and is very informative ! Would definitely recommend !

– He was very pleasent guide. Answered any questions we had.

– Great Tour!

– The tour was an interesting starter for the Marrakesh trip,

and he could answer all additional questions we had. He points out all the main

sights and since we were a relatively small group chatted with all of us

during the walking parts and also waited wherever we wanted to take pictures.

I think his general references to Islamic traditions are really good,

especially since many sights after all still are mosques or often somehow

related to the fact that Morocco is an Islamic country. The tour definitely

fulfils what it takes to be a “Orientation Tour”.

– Remember this is a free walking tour, and my score reflects that.

Most critical comments in other reviews are true, but bear in mind

that the man is walking you around the Medina in only 2 hours.
If you ask questions, he has the answers, he just doesn’t have that reflex

of talking about things outside of the tour.

– It is going to be a bit rushed. You wont have time to shop in souks

or stop for many pictures. You literally walk through it. I ended up paying

50 mad per pers at rhe end,so considering that most tours charges at least

twice that amount, I’d say I got my money s worth.

– It was a good tour. It started very slow and sometimes zaim speaks very softly.

But he tells a lot about the medina and he will answer all you questions.

– Good tour!

– Still Zain is very nice and will answer your questions

– Zaim was a nice guide with knowledge on all the places.

Would recommend this tour of you are new to Marrakesh

– We had a great walk through Marrakesh! Yet, in the end it seemed

a little long but still informative 

– Very good starter tour – Our guide was very knowledgable

– I liked the tour, the guide chose a good route and had a lot of in-depth

knowledge of the city. I understood him very well and would do a tour with him again.

– Zaim knows his way around the souk in Marrakech very well, so if you

are worried about getting lost there but still want to experience it,

you will definitely benefit from his tour.

– Good tour. Guide on time and very informative. A good insight into

the ain sights of Marrakech.

– Zaim was a very knowledgeable tour guide. He had a nice pace and

told us some interesting insights about life in Marrakech.

– Lovely fella

– This is a very helpful tour to understand Marrakech, know about its

history and how the city is organized. Zaim is an excellent and very helpful guide.

– Amazing tour! Zaim was everything you could possibly hope for: friendly,

informative, kind and flexible. We ended up spending 3hours looking around

and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Couldn’t recommend enough.

– I thought Zaim found a perfect balance between showing us around

and providing not too much historical background.

– This was a helpful orientation tour of the medina and of the souks.

Zaim was very informative and was happy to spend more than the allotted time

to show us around.
Very nice tour, Zaim knows a lot of Marrakesh. He took us to pkaces where for

sure we wouldnt have gone. Fully recommend him!!

– Good covered the city

– Ziam’s Knowledge was the same as any local. He didn’t tell us much about

the history or the monuments instead he was telling us about Islam in general.

– Great tour! Guide has a lot of interesting information and can answer a lot of

questions and give good suggestions. Also knows a lot of languages!

– Great walking tour!!! Zaim is very kind and good guru. He showed us the best

spot in Marrakech and also gave some information regarding the city.

– Zaim is very trustworthy guide and we felt super safe with him. He took us

to places where we would never have gone on our own. He is very keen to answer

all the questions and to recommend places.

– Zaim was a great guide. My friend and I learned a great deal about Marrakech

and the Moroccan culture. Knowledgeable and gracious.

– Great guide. Zaim will explain a lot of facts about Marrakech history.

– Very Friendly and calm man

– The guy was perfect. He took us to all the places around the Medina and even

inside the small streets in the markets. He explained us everything about history

and religion,about the mosque. He advice us about some really good restaurant

(we tried one and it was the best in Marrakech).

– Really good person, good English and he’s learning Italian.

– We felt free to ask every question and really safe while we were walking around.
Highly recommend it.

– We enjoyed the walk. Zaim is very friendly and informative. He took us to places

we’d not have ventured to without him. Marrakech was more approachable

after the walk.
– Zaim was a great guide. He was very hospitable since he agreed to pick us up

from our Riad and show us the way to Jemaa el Fna (sorry for our lateness!).

Our group had 13 participants in total, which was a good size for the tour.

Zaim provided us with a good overview of the city and had many interesting

stories for us. The tour was in English (Zaim is a very proficient speaker)

and it lastet 3 hours. All in all, we are very happy that we took the tour and

got to meet Zaim. Shukran!

– Zaim gave us a group of about 13 people nice instruction to the Marrakech

focusing on the medina or the around area of Jemaa el-Fna. We heard about

the history of different places which you could visit another time, and the best

part of this tour was the endlessly seeming souks or shopping alleys which you

strolled almost half the time. You didn’t really had time to stop to shop but this

wasn’t the point of this tour. It was fine. This helped us to know where to go back

if you wanted to shop something. Be careful about the mopeds on narrow alleys.

We will definitely recommend this tour.

– It was fantastic, we really like this tor Zaim is very friendly and full of local tips.

We would definately recommend it.

– Really enjoyed the tour. Zaim was friendly and charismatic

– Mohammed is a great guide. He is kind, knows a lot and personalized the tour for us.

Super recommended.